Juniors fall short of Walk-A-Thon expectations

By J1 Reporter Frannie Cihunka

Back at Baxter Arena, the Class of 2021 had high hopes for their second Field Day. Still on a high from their freshman year victory, they felt that nothing could go wrong. Unfortunately, they had not realized how hard their sophomore slump had hit them. They left Baxter in fourth place, even behind the freshmen. Coming back this year as juniors, the Class of ‘21 was ready to make a comeback, and the best way to do that was through Walk-A-Thon.

The juniors made their mark at this year’s Walk-A-Thon, bringing in $33,314. According to Student Board co-moderator Mrs. Beth Dye, their original goal was $24,848, meaning they raised 137.1 percent of their goal. The class united to bring in thousands of dollars to help the school. However, they did not raise enough to get back on top. This year’s sophomores took second place, behind the seniors by just .22 percent. The sophomore class had beat the juniors once again.

Junior Class Officer Callie Cavanaugh was shocked by the results. “I was confident in second place!” Cavanaugh said. Despite her disappointment, Cavanaugh said she did her best to show good sportsmanship.

Junior class officer Cydney Putnam proudly displays the Juniors’ third place. 

The juniors now have their third consecutive third place in Walk-A-Thon. Although Dye remarked the juniors were “a little salty,” Cavanaugh said she was very proud of her class’s positive attitude in the face of another loss. 

This year’s Walk-A-Thon was not a reputational success for the juniors, but they still raised thousands of dollars to go toward tuition assistance. And, according to Cavanaugh, this year’s results will push the juniors to bring in even more money next year.

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