Marian students surpass their goal

By J1 Reporter Cece West

           When it comes to Walk-A-Thon, each class strives to bring in the most money, but only one class can come in first place and walk the one mile route.

             This year the shortest route was earned by the seniors, who raised a whopping $33,651 (146.77 percent of their class goal). The sophomores came in second, raising $33,587 (146.55 percent), then the juniors with $33,314 (137.1 percent), and lastly the freshmen earned fourth place with $30,667 (123.42 percent). The school’s total was $131,623 (138.55 percent of the overall goal). 

            Everyone was impressed that the students met their goal, considering they were only at around 50 percent of their goal at the third collection date on Sept. 13. Junior Lily Dugan said “I did not think we would be able to meet our goal in the last week.” Mrs. Beth Dye, a co-moderator for Student Board, said “We would not like to wait until the last week to get the money in.” Many people did not like the anticipation of waiting until the last minute to donate. Dye believes it would be a good idea to add incentives for bringing money in early so students are not struggling to meet their goals. 

            Out of the 38 home rooms at Marian, only nine of them did not meet their goals. One homeroom that certainly did not struggle to meet their goal was senior homeroom, 209. This is the homeroom of English teacher Mrs. Alee Cotton. According to Stubo records, they collectively brought in 231 percent of their goal. 

           But how do girls bring in so much money? After all, 365 students brought in more than $150. For doing this, they had a chance to have their name entered into a raffle and earned a Walk-A-Thon free day.

            Sophomore Stubo member Ryan Sully said, “I like to go door-to-door in my neighborhood, and I also have lemonade stands.” Although these methods take longer, Sully likes to have fun while fundraising with friends. 

          Even though class fundraisers are helpful, students should not be reliant on them to bring in all the money. After all, they only accounted for $11,197 out of the total school goal, according to Stubo. 

            Sometimes it might feel difficult, but it is possible for every student to meet their goal, they just need to put the “fun” back in fundraising. When some friends come together and have a little motivation, they can be empowered to meet their goals for the betterment of the school.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 8.20.06 AM
On Friday, September 27th, Marian students finish their route by having Walk-A-Thon dance party located in the PAC parking lot. Photo by Daisy Owen. 


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