Student donors dance through Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Emily Salzman

Every August, the students of Marian get the chance to participate in a Walk-A-Thon that lasts through the end of September to raise money for their school. 

(left to right) seniors Lily Weindel, Sara Lighthart, Shruthi Kumar and Emily Saalfeld enjoy the color powder while showing off their dance moves at the Sept. 27 event.

This year’s Walk-A-Thon was nothing short of a success. Though there were a few bumps and uncertainties along the way, each grade pulled through and met its goal, meaning that as a school, Marian met its overall goal. Because of this success, the student body got to enjoy a dance party in the Performing Art Center parking lot after they walked their routes of four miles for third and fourth place, two miles for second place, and one mile for the class that gets first place, on Friday, Sept. 27. 

Although the theme was repeated from two years ago, the memories were new for all grades. “I thought the experience was just as much fun as when I was a sophomore with the same theme, though I cherished it more this year considering it was my last Walk-A-Thon,” senior Emily Saalfeld said.

This year’s DJ, LayC, was a familiar face to the Marian community as she has done the music for several dances at Marian over the years. With a variety of songs by artists such as Lizzo, Drake, Miley Cyrus and Neil Diamond, there was no shortage of songs for the students to let loose and dance to. As freshman Theresa Mueller said, “It was a great time with a great atmosphere.”

To go along with all the dancing and singing, each student who brought in $150 or more, which, according to Student Board moderators was 365 of the students’, got their own color powder packet to throw in the air during the party in honor of this year’s theme: Color Walk-A-Thon. This fun addition resulted in the staining of hair, clothes, and of course, the students’ faces.

All in all, the Walk-A-Thon dance party will remain a colorful reminder of this year’s successful fundraiser.


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