Students raise money, win prizes

By J1 Reporter Sarah Ritterling

This school year, students who brought in $150 or more for the school’s annual Walk-A-Thon earned bright color filled powder packets and their own choice of a day off from school.

On the morning of Friday, Sept. 27, girls celebrated exceeding their school goal by tossing colored powder and dancing in the parking lot by the Performing Arts Center. Soon they will receive an even more valuable prize: a form to choose a day off of school between Oct. 7 and Dec. 6.

Juniors Eva Watson and Murphy Mertz enjoy color powder packets after their 4-mile walk

After traveling either 1, 2 or 4 miles in a light rain with their classmates on Walk-A-Thon morning, girls returned to find about 600 color powder packets set out, one for every $150 brought in. “Color powder packets were fun,” said junior Maddie Randby, who thought the enjoyment of the packets were worth her fundraising efforts. “The powder got in my hair and is still there.”

“The color powder really made Walk-A-Thon memorable, but washing it all out was very difficult,” sophomore Sydney Schroeder said. This Walk-A-Thon was her first Color WAT, a theme which was also used in fall 2017.

Students who brought in at least $150 also will be able to take their choice of a day off of school. These 365 girls included 85 freshmen, 96 sophomores, 98 juniors, and 86 seniors. They are excited for a restful break. When asked why she wanted to bring in enough money for a day off, sophomore Ashley Doehner said, “So I can enjoy a concert (the Jonas Brothers on Dec. 4) and not worry about school the next day.”

Other prizes that were won for bringing in $150 included a free Marian Moms Lunch on Oct. 22 and having the student’s name put into the raffle drawings: gift cards, parking spots for juniors and seniors, and skip-the-lunch-line passes for freshmen and sophomores. Freshman Ashley Wilwerding and sophomore Anna Rasgorshek won the lunch passes and junior Sophie Steffes and senior Cecilia Fuller won the parking spots. The student body won the all-school day off on Oct. 21. and the Scary Movie Day on Oct. 31. 

The many prizes awarded for this Walk-A-Thon encouraged students to bring in money to support their school and have fun, whether it is with powder packets, a day off from school, or the scary movie on Halloween.

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