Sweets sold for class competition

By J1 Reporter Megan Hoppe

Bake sales over four days have raised $2,970.43 to support Marian’s annual Walk-A-Thon. Bake sales are part of the student-led fundraiser to raise money for tuition assistance. Each class hosts their own on separate Fridays in hopes to add more money to their class Walk-A-Thon total. 

Students volunteer to bake and buy treats to sell. They also volunteer their time during their study hall or lunch to work behind the counter selling the treats. They also help out by buying from the sale. 

The bake sales are set up in the cafeteria and run all day long on a class’ designated Friday. Students and teachers can buy from the bake sales at any time, but usually do so during their study halls or lunch.

The bake sales helped the school beat its goal of $95,000 with $36,623 to spare. By the walk on Sept. 27, the school raised $131,623, which could not have been possible without the sales from baked goods. The freshman class raised the most money from their bake sale on Sept. 20 with a total of $966.95 raised. The freshmen are given the last bake sales so they can have a chance to watch and learn from all the other classes on what to do and what not to do. The freshmen learned from the upperclassmen and brought in many treats which helped their bake sale raise the most money.

Junior Anna Steinbruck said, “The bake sales helped with bonding with the class and help raise money.” Anna, like many others,

Photo of the freshman bake sale on Sept.20 in the cafeteria by Megan Hoppe

worked at her classes bake sale during her study hall. She enjoyed cookies and juice box from the bake sales.

Mrs. Beth Dye says she is “very pleased” with Walk-A-Thon as a whole this year, which would not have raised as much money without the bake sales. The bake sales helped each class meet their goal and pass the total school goal. 

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