Student Board’s efforts essential in Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Grace Specht

Student Board’s agenda is filled to the brim during Walk-A-Thon (WAT) season. When it comes to planning a fundraiser involving almost 700 people, there is a lot of strenuous work behind it. This student-led fundraiser takes a lot more work than people may realize. To reach the goal of $95,000, it takes a lot of exertion and dedication from the elected 10 Student Board (StuBo) representatives. 

“The planning process starts in July, as we brainstorm ideas together,” Senior Lucy O’Brien said. O’Brien serves as the Vice President of StuBo who has always been the chair of Walk-A-Thon. Once the group decides on a theme, members come up with the T-shirt design for the shirt to be worn on the day of Walk-A-Thon. O’Brien is in charge of the ordering process. 

Next, in August they reach out to corporate sponsors. O’Brien writes a letter to the student body and corporate sponsors. She is in charge of answering any questions the corporate sponsors may have about Walk-A-Thon. 

Junior StuBo member Sophi Steffes said “Each member of Stubo is in charge of calling about 15 companies to see if they will sponsor the fundraiser.” About 19 corporate companies donated this year, but not all of them donate money; some donate prizes the students win each week. 

WAT season started with a cheerful pep rally on Aug. 23, organized by O’Brien. The pep rally gets everyone excited and ready to make a difference in the school. During WAT season, Stubo has meetings addressing what needs to be done to achieve the set goal. StuBo representatives from each grade collect their homeroom donations each week on the Friday collection dates. They organize the manilla envelopes by grade and homeroom. Student Board then hands the money over to the ladies in the business office, who are then in charge of counting the money from each collection date. 

StuBo is also in charge of making sure everything is ready for the day of WAT. Co-moderator Mrs. Beth Dye worked with the Omaha Police Department making sure the students had a parade route plan. The Omaha Police Department supervised each intersection along the routes of each class’ walk. 

They had a tough decision of whether or not to walk in the rain, but Co-moderator  Ms. Jessica Abel said, “Last year, walking indoors was miserable! So we wanted to do anything possible to walk outside! As long as there was no chance of lightning, we knew it would be a safe option.”

The walk concluded with a Color WAT dance party to match the theme. All the color powder was ordered by StuBo through a company that does “The Color Run.” StuBo members stayed after the dance to clean up the color mess. This mess was not as bad compared to two years ago when there was the Kona Ice truck and bees. All the syrup for the snow cones attracted the bees. Now that it is over they are looking for ideas on how they can improve the Walk-A-Thon fundraiser for years to come. 

Senior StuBo representatives celebrate at the dance party after their class got first place.  Emmy Kmiecik ‘20, Colleen Sully ‘20, Grace Crockett ‘20, and Lucy O’Brien ‘20 (Photo courtesy of Lucy O’Brien.)


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