Walk-A-Thon gives seniors advantage in Field Day preparation

By J1 Reporter Lizzy Lampert

Every September, the students of Marian compete in a student-led fundraiser and class competition to raise money for tuition assistance. 

The junior class’s attempt to redeem themselves from last year’s Walk-A-Thon and get a head start on this year’s Field Day turned out to be a bust, as they continued their streak of third places from freshman and sophomore year. “This was disappointing to the junior class because sophomore year Field Day was an embarrassment to us and we want to make the ultimate comeback this year, but we are not off to a good start,” said Junior Anna Ambrose.

Hope of future redemption from previous Field Day and Walk-A-Thon results is possible though, according to Ambrose. “If we can get third as freshmen, we can motivate ourselves to get second as juniors,” she said.

The sophomore class, on the other hand, is off to a good start though with their second place finish in Walk-A-Thon. The class is still on their high of last year’s third place in Field Day and hopes for it to continue into this year’s spring event. 

The freshmen were quickly thrown into the class competition without having much of a background to what Walk-A-Thon actually is. The class was able to meet its goal with a fourth place finish. The class will have last pick when it comes to picking their first color for Field Day.

The Class of 2020 has current domination over what will happen with the other classes when it comes to Field Day. They are the first class to pick their first color, and they get to choose the order in which classes present their judges booklet, cheer, and demo at Baxter Arena in April. 

In the end, it will be determined if the juniors can redeem themselves from their past of losses, if the sophomores can continue their high, if the freshmen can learn a better background of Field Day that will allow them to do well, and if the seniors make the right decisions when it comes down to Field Day.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 8.22.13 AM.png
Bella Syslo ‘20 and Liz Young ‘20 give a thumbs up to first place. After walking only one mile, Seniors had an extra few hours of freedom on Sept. 27.


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