What Walk-A-Thon money goes to

By J1 Reporter Samantha Pelan

As Marian continues to grow and change, the use of the WAT money does too. 

Originally Walk-A-Thon was determined by personal goal not class goal. The girls who met their goals were given a VIP status and got a shortcut in the walk.

Friday, Sept. 27. Junior and Sophomore students hold hands before Walk-A-Thon places are announced.

The Marian staff decided to change it because some students, under no fault of their own, could not bring in enough money. 

The class goal helps unite the class to raise the most money, so they have to walk a shorter distance. Principal Mrs. Susie Sullivan said, “Classes are very creative in how they reach their goals.” The classes raise money through food nights, bake sales and door-to-door. 

In past years the money raised from Walk-A-Thon helped update technology and financial aid. According to Mrs. Sullivan, Marian has since received federal money for technology, now all the money goes to financial aid and tuition assistance. 

About half of the current Marian students rely on financial aid, and every student pays $2,000 less than the full tuition amount. This makes raising Walk-A-Thon money important to every student because everyone benefits from the money.

In the last month, Marian students raised $131,623. The students surpassed the original goal of $95,000 by $36,623. The fourth collection helped get Marian students to the goal.

Mrs. Beth Dye, Student Board co-moderator, said she is “Very pleased [with the results] we would just not like to wait until the last collection to bring the money in.” StuBo is thinking of new ideas to get the money in early collection weeks next year. 

  Between the bake sales, food nights, and personal donations, the Marian girls pulled through and met their goal. Marian relies on this student-raised Walk-A-Thon money to contribute toward financial aid for every student.


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