Impact of weird wacky bake sale items

By J1 Reporter Lily Dugan

 When a person hears the word, “bake sale” a normal thought would be of brownies and cookies, but not at Marian. Over the years the bake sale goodies have become crazier and crazier.  With the increase of the competitive attitude during Walk-A-Thon (WAT), comes an increase for new items in the bake sales.

The possibilities are infinite: Canes, Chick-fil-A, yogurt, waffles, and everything in between. When the Walk-A-Thon bake sales comes around, insane food ideas arrive with it. 

Girls will bring anything from ethnic dishes to bulk items from Costco. Looking at the tables, some may get the idea that students bring whatever they think will sell, even leftovers and pantry items. 

The amount of money raised from the bake sale was about $3,000, but no one knows the exact amount the crazy items raise. The average opinion of students, when asked if the crazy bake sale items contribute more or less money towards the total amount, was, “Less.” 

Making an inferred guess, some won’t buy because of the out-there type of food, and the fact that they are afraid to try it. Usually a person who doesn’t know what they are buying, most likely won’t purchase the item because there is no point of the risk.  

Freshmen are new to Walk-A-Thon and have never seen what a bake sale is like at Marian.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 11.36.22 AM.png
Freshmen bake sale is a success Photo by Megan Hoppe

Freshman Emma Humpal, says she thought Sunny D was really strange to be at a bake sale. Her answer agreed with another participant, Mrs. Jillian Roger who answered on the strangeness of the appearance of La Croix and pop. The appearance of strange drinks has added another level of crazy to the items that appear on the bake sale table. 

To pair with the crazy drinks, of course there are tons of crazy foods. Sophomores, Meredith Bailey and Emily Kriener both agreed that the edible slime from the sophomore bake sale was the weirdest food at any of the bake sales this year.

A total opposite find, sophomore Justyce Cribbs responded that the Chick-fil-A mini sliders were a weird bake sale item at the junior bake sale.

Finally, seniors have the most experience with the weird bake sale items. Senior Ella Meis says the chocolate fountain was the overall weirdest thing she has seen at WAT bake sales in her four years at Marian.

Chocolate fountains, waffle makers, crock pots and more have all made the bake sales entertaining. With the overall variety of foods, the bake sale tables have always stayed interesting.

Walk-A-Thon is full of fundraisers whether big or small. The bake sales have been defined as foolproof money raisers; with their crazy items appearing in the form of different types of food and drink. Due to the lack of money brought in, it may be safer to stick to the traditional food of bake sales.

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