Spot the Walk-A-Thon difference

 By J1 Reporter Olivia Ost


If you have been wondering about the differences between the previous and present Walk-A-Thon (WAT) then you’re in luck. Despite having the same theme two years ago, times are changing and so is WAT.

“This year was the first year that Marian has opened up donations online. Online donations brought in $40,000 of the school’s goal,” Student Board moderator Ms. Jessica Abel said. The idea was actually presented last year but was not carried through because of the timing. “It was already too far into WAT for us to start online donations,” Abel said.  

Many girls have family members in other states, but it often takes too long for a check to come in the mail. To make an online donation, all you had to do was go to Marian’s website and open the link specifically for WAT, select the student’s name you wish to donate towards and the amount you wish to donate, and then fill out your information. People can also call to make donations over the phone.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 11.34.40 AM
Tatum Villotta, Daphne Militti, Ashley Tran, Samantha Pelan, Lea Bushey strike a colorful pose at the Color WAT dance in the PAC parking lot on Sept. 27 Photo courtesy by Quinn Findley

Junior Samantha Pelan shared her thoughts on Marian’s annual Walk-A-Thon that took place on Friday, Sept. 27 stating, “It was a lot more fun than it was last year. We didn’t get to walk outside at all last year due to the rain, but this year we got to actually walk outside, which made it a little more enjoyable.”

Another major difference was the placing that each class ranked. One would expect for freshman to come in fourth, sophomores to come in third, juniors to come in second, and seniors to come in first. However, things were a bit different this year, the sophomores came out to place second, beating the junior class by $282.92.

Homerooms had more of a battle to reach their goal. After each collection date, the homeroom winner would receive a prize, sometimes doughnuts, other times the teachers would get the day off. Mr. Craig Panning was the lucky winner for the day junior class off prize. His homeroom raised the most money by achieving 161 percent of their goal. Other homerooms were not as motivated. According to the Student Board moderators, at least nine homerooms out of 38 homerooms did not reach their goals. However, this is not much of a difference despite the fact that “every year there are always homerooms who do not reach their goals,” said Abel. 

Not much has changed in the past years surrounding WAT. Marian always exceeds their school goal, science teacher Mrs. Linda Brock helps the freshman out and does a lot of planning and organizing since they don’t have class officers yet, the theme was the same two years ago, and some homerooms did not accomplish their WAT goal.



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