Subs struggle during Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Olivia Turkel 

The idea of substituting for a teacher during Walk-A-Thon (WAT) can be a daunting task. The chaos in homeroom around WAT can be an overwhelming thing for a non-Marian teacher to handle. The multiple people on Friday running around with manila envelopes, people yelling out different amounts of money, the list goes on and on. This craziness can have a noticeable effect the homeroom’s overall goal.

Mrs. Sharon Leuschen, who is subbing while Spanish teacher Mrs. Amanda Pritchard is on maternity leave, had to face this task head on. Some would consider Leuschen lucky because she at least had an idea of what WAT is, since her former grade school did a similar thing. However, she said the entire Marian energy was a different atmosphere seeing as the fundraiser is student-led. She said it was overwhelming at times and felt bad that she herself couldn’t participate in the fundraising events. It was hard for her to participate since she didn’t understand what the money raised during WAT goes towards.  She said she wasn’t surprised that her homeroom met their goal at the last minute because that is what happens during most fundraisers. 

Faith Lodes, a junior in Leuschen’s  homeroom, expressed that this WAT was different from her previous experiences. Lodes said, “I feel like we could have raised more money if Mrs. Pritchard was there. (Pritchard) would have motivated us more, but a sub can’t really do that because they don’t know how to.”   She thought that Mrs. Pritchard would have motivated her homeroom to raise more money, since Mrs. Pritchard knows what the money goes to. Lodes’ homeroom met their goal, but only by 104 percent. Furthermore, Lodes also expressed how she felt bad for Mrs. Leuschen because she had a hard time with all the craziness in homeroom. Lodes also felt like her homeroom could have taken more initiative to help her out. It then made her realize how overwhelming this whole process is, especially to someone outside the Marian community. 

Subbing during WAT is a daunting task for many teachers. It brings new rules, chaos, and confusion to many, but can be done. Leuschen, although overwhelmed and confused, did the most important thing right. She led her homeroom to a successful WAT, with them meeting their overall goal. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 11.32.44 AM.png
 Mrs. Leuschen’s homeroom 316 gathered for a photo a week after WAT. Photo by Olivia Turkel 




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