Walk-A-Thon restaurant nights: they’re a big deal

By J1 Reporter Jessica Brusnahan 

While some girls begrudgingly bring in Walk-A-Thon money at the demand of berating  homeroom teachers, most girls would rather go out to participate in their classes’ restaurant nights and other fundraisers.

In particular, when it comes to restaurant nights, almost every Marian girl puts food as  a top priority. Motivated by class spirit and their own hunger, girls come out in droves to chow down, bringing in significant chunks of money to their class totals.

In her third year as Walk-A-Thon co-moderator, Ms. Jessica Abel had some ideas about why fundraisers are so profitable for the event. Out of the school total of $131,623 raised, class fundraisers brought in $11,190 from events such as the seniors’ Truly U bra boutique event and the Valentino’s restaurant month for the freshmen and juniors.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 11.31.45 AM.png
Instead of counting pennies, Marian girls watched the big dollars roll in: 
class fundraisers brought in $11,190 of the school total of $131,623.

Though restaurant nights only made up 10 percent of the school’s total, Abel did realize how important these nights were and how they attracted Marian supporters more than the average car wash. “[When] everyone contributes to the same cause, it feels a little more unified,” Abel said. She added that class fundraisers provide social opportunities for the busy Marian student body.

However, one problem with restaurant nights is that people simply come in, eat and leave, making sure to say they’re from Marian but not stopping to think of their waiter or the owner. Sophomore Cali D’Agosto is not one of these people. D’Agosto’s family owns the Arby’s at 2910 South 120th Street. This location “has been in [her] family for as long as [she] can remember” and holds a lot of special memories for her, not with just family and friends but also the staff.

“I love walking [in]… and knowing the majority of people working,” D’Agosto said, going  on to describe the “welcoming and fun” atmosphere in the restaurant. In addition, this year D’Agosto participated in Walk-A-Thon as a class officer. She found it quite easy to set restaurant nights up and emphasized the importance of whole-class involvement and, of course, the reward of great food. The Arby’s restaurant night raised $600 for the sophomores.

Overall, this year’s Walk-A-Thon on Sept. 27 was a success. Surpassing the goal of $95,000, the Marian student body completed their individual class walks and celebrated their victory with a dance party. On the topic of restaurant nights, the future of Walk-A-Thon may look different next year. Some girls nowadays prefer ordering online and having their food delivered to their door over going into a restaurant. Still, the social aspect of restaurant nights brought girls together this year despite all of the online donation options.

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