Marian girls come together at foodnights to raise money for their school

By J1 Reporter Maddie Mitchell

It’s time to grab some friends for a bite to eat and support Marian! 

During Marian’s 35th annual Walk-A-Thon, there were multiple opportunities to support Marian while enjoying some tasty food. Food nights always are a major hit for Marian girls as they often grab some friends and help their class out in Walk-A-Thon fundraising efforts.

A “food night” is an agreement between a Marian class and the restaurant where a percentage of proceeds go back to Marian. In most instances, patrons must mention Marian at the checkout for part of the proceeds to go back to Marian. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all participated in food nights during the four weeks of the Walk-A-Thon fundraiser this year. Restaurants from this year’s food nights included Le Peep, Valentino’s, Raising Canes, Ecreamery, Chipotle, Mangia, Jimmy Johns and Arby’s. 

Every year you can be sure to see Mangia Italiana as a food night for the Class of 2021. Junior Kara Constantino’s family owns the popular Italian restaurant and loves the opportunity to give back to Marian. On September 5th this year 25 percent of proceeds from Mangia were given back to the Marian juniors contributing to a grand total of $240.23.

Sophomore Cali D’Agosto, a Class of 2022 Class Officer makes sure to snag several Arby’s locations for her class. Her dad is the co-president of the Omaha Metro franchise. The sophomores collected a grand  total of $600 from Arby’s.

Not all restaurants are through personal connections. Junior Class Officer Katie Corpuz exchanged emails with Chipotle’s corporate office. Corpuz said, “I had to go through quite a long process to get Chipotle. They needed very specific information that was hard to find. I also emailed the headquarters directly with specific questions I had and they were great to clarify everything for me.” The junior class reached an agreement with Chipotle who donated 33 percent of proceeds on September 16th which brought in $340.82 for the class.

 On any given food night, you can be certain to see familiar faces in the restaurant. The details of food nights are often said on the announcements and posted on social media. Each class made electronic fliers for every food night and many girls posted them on their social media to encourage friends and family to also support Marian. 

Junior Molly Smith found a creative way to reach a wider audience on facebook. Smith said, “I tagged my parents so my food-night post could reach a bigger audience. By tagging them, my post would show up on the feed of all of their friends, too.” 


Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 11.50.10 AM
an example of the goodnight flyer for Sept. 5

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