Scary movie day: ‘One of the best Marian traditions’

By J1 reporter Molly Smith

Students have various reasons why they bring in money for the Walk-A-Thon fundraiser, some girls say the free day and others reason it is purely to intensify the competition, but for junior Ellie Miller, Scary Movie Day is her main motivation to bring in money. 

Every year around Halloween, the students of Marian gather in the west gym with pillows and blankets to watch the annual scary movie, but only if more than $60,000 is brought in for Walk-A-Thon. 

Similar to many other Marian traditions, there is an element of surprise. The scary movie itself is picked by Student Board and remains a secret until it appears on the big screen in the gym. The girls collect their candy, which Student Board moderator, Mrs. Beth Dye, said is “bought by StuBo,” and get comfortable in the west gym. The movie title appears and the movie is revealed, causing a sea of applause. Incentives like Scary Movie Day make it possible for the Walk-A-Thon goal of $95,000 to be met. 

Without rewards, the Student Board moderators said they do not believe there would be enough motivation to reach the goal. 

In the words of Miller, “Scary Movie Day is a good break from school to relax and enjoy time with friends and is one of the best Marian traditions.”

Molly Smith ‘21 and Ellie Miller ‘21 getting comfortable before the scary movie began last October.

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