Students attend Life Chain to promote pro-life message


On Sunday, Oct. 6, six of the 76 members of the Marian Students for Life Club gathered on the sidewalk alongside 70th and Dodge streets to partake in this year’s Life Chain.

Smiles and signs • Marian Students for Life members Molly Griffin ’21, Aby Acevedo ’21, Erin Wolf ’20,  Emily Monzu ’20 and Eva Watson ’21 participate in the Omaha Life Chain.

 “Life Chain is a peaceful pro-life event that is held nationwide. At Life Chain, participants line the streets of their town and hold signs with pro-life messages,” senior Erin Wolf said. Marian students spent the hour praying the rosary together and getting to meet Governor Pete Ricketts, who greets participants each year, while holding posters with messages such as “Adoption is the loving option” and “Remember the unborn.” Meant to be an act of solidarity rather than an active protest, Life Chain is based around the power of group prayer, not physical action.

My experience at Life Chain was amazing. It was so empowering to be a part of such a strong movement with so many people there who are all sharing the same messages of love and hope. It was also amazing to get so many positive reactions to what we were doing,” Wolf said. Unlike some protests and rallies, Life Chain is a quiet, thoughtful event, and participants are discouraged from engaging in arguments with passersby. 

To get involved in Marian Students for Life, contact moderator Mrs. Amy Bauman or seniors Emily Monzu and Chloe Herbert. The group is planning on attending Nebraska’s annual Walk for Life in January. 

One thought on “Students attend Life Chain to promote pro-life message

  1. This is great! Thank you for writing this timely and important piece, Chloe Herbert! Now more than ever, it is important that we defend and support all life–from conception to natural death.


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