Sociology students see life behind bars


prison C
Field Trip • Outside of the Omaha Correctional Center, where the social problems classes had the opportunity to speak with inmates and tour the facility. The trip aims to apply lessons taught in the classroom to real problems in society. Photo by Maggie Mantini.

The social problems classes had the opportunity to go to the Omaha Correctional Center in order to further study the United States’ justice system. They spoke to inmates and went in with an inclination to interact with these people. It is one thing to read a textbook about problems in society and the consequences wrongdoers face, but it is a whole new experience to come face to face with real people to hear their stories. 

“I was very surprised to see how much free time they had at the OCC. The inmates can spend a lot of time outdoors because it is a transitioning prison. It was also cool to see how many classes they could take to further their education and make use of their time there,” senior Lucy O’Brien said. 

“The coolest thing to hear was that the prison partners with the Nebraska Humane Society. When dogs are hurt, some of the inmates can help nurse them back to health,” senior Lauren Hacker said. “Once they are okay, they send the dogs back to get adopted. The guy we talked to loves taking care of the dogs a lot, and it helps pass time when the days are hard.” 

O’Brien explained that her class was happy to see many of the inmates striving to turn their lives around and take advantage of the free time and education opportunities in the Omaha Correctional Center.

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