Terror at Mystery Manor backstage and first-hand

Review by AlidaFarrens 

For me, going to haunted houses during the fall season is a must. If I don’t make it to Scary Acres or Haunted Hollow at least one time in October, something is just not right.

Throughout the year I look forward to being absolutely petrified. Haunted houses give people an extremely addictive adrenaline rush. The feeling of driving to the chosen house is nerve racking and being there shakes me to my core, but nothing can match the feeling you get as you are walking out and realize that you have just conquered some of your mind’s greatest fears.

In the October Network Survey most Marian girls agreed that haunted houses are a fantastic way to kickstart the spooky season and are a great source of entertainment. Out of the girls who answered, 86 percent said that they loved houses like Shadows Edge, Bellevue Berry Farm, Scary Acres and Bloodrush. However, 14 percent of the girls said that they could never voluntarily risk themselves of a heart attack and absolutely hate haunted houses.

You can tell yourself “It’s not real,” all you want, but deep down you have no idea what will jump out at you next.

This year I decided to go to Mystery Manor and find out if it really met my haunted house standards. My friends and I went on a Saturday night and it cost $14. On weekdays, however, you can use a coupon provided on the Mystery Manor website for $2 off the regular price. Go to http://www.mysterymanoromaha.org/images/coupon.gif for that coupon!

Although Mystery Manor closed on Oct. 31, they open again in April during the spring break season.

Mystery Manor is scarier than other haunted houses, because the workers really engage with the customer rather than just jump out at people. As my friends and I were waiting to buy our tickets, there were many people dressed up in creepy costumes and frightening makeup walking around scaring people. It was dark outside so I couldn’t really see what was coming at me.

Mystery Manor • While waiting in line you can see the outside of the haunted house. Photo by Alida Farrens.

Many times the workers would come around my group and start conversations. They looked terrifying and would get up in your face which was super uncomfortable. Throughout the actual house, many different themed rooms made it super interesting, and I didn’t know what was coming next. I am particularly scared of clowns, and they had a whole room full of them!

Senior Chiara Wallen, a volunteer at Mystery Manor, said, “It is so much fun to volunteer at Mystery Manor. I love scaring people, especially grown men.” Wallen also said it was quite easy to get started there.

“One of my friends had been working there, and I was interested. I walked in and got a photo release form. As soon as I signed some paperwork, I began volunteering there,” Wallen said.

Wallen recommends Mystery Manor for everyone. “They are always looking for new volunteers, and it’s just a really fun place to work. People of all ages volunteer there. Ages range from 14-year-olds to people in their 60s and 70s,” Wallen said.

Although volunteers do not get paid, they are provided with food, opportunities to go to other haunted houses for free and free tickets to Mystery Manor.

Overall I had a really fun time. There were parts of the haunted house when I couldn’t even keep my eyes open because I was so scared. I would give Mystery Manor 4.5 out of 5 stars because I felt like I waited in line longer than I experienced the actual attraction. My friends and I all had a really fun time and made some great memories.

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