Transition by Thompson, the tale that tells all

By J1 Reporter Pangaea Kaan

Mr. Eric Thompson, a Creighton Preparatory graduate of the year 2000 has recently made the transition from teaching at his alma mater for 15 years to teaching at Marian. 

Although the transition hasn’t been the easiest for him, Thompson said he is more than thrilled to be working at Marian, giving him the change of pace he was looking for. “I was in my fifteenth year, and I had just gotten to the point where it was either going to be ‘I stay here for the rest of my life’ or ‘I look for something different’. I have three daughters and I was just looking for options for them, for my family, and long term goals and planning. The timing was just right for me to make the move,” Thompson said.

”It seems like the biggest difference at Marian is that I’ve been teaching all girls, and at Prep it was all boys,” he said. Besides the obvious gender statement made, he presented his thoughts on the students at Marian, claiming they demonstrate more diligence than his previous students at Prep. “I think the students at Marian are much more conscientious about their grades, asking for help, just making sure that they have things down for class,” Thompson said. “The girls at Marian dwell on ‘do I have this done?’ ‘do I know what’s going on?’ more so than the guys at Prep did.”

Despite that difference, Mr. Thompson says there isn’t much difference between instructing the two groups of students. “It’s really not as different as a person would think. I mean I feel like there is still the same battles with kids about not being prepared for class or being behind, about the only major difference is the schedule,” Thompson said. “I like the fact that I’ve got block days some days, and that I’ve got quick periods. It allows for more contact each day,” he said,”I know that I’ll see my students three to four times each week, when that wasn’t always the case at Prep.”

Thompson plans on continuing to teach at Marian for an extended amount of time, hoping his three daughters, Aubrey, Brynley and Delaney, will be attending the high school when they come of age. “My daughters will sometimes ask if they could go to a different school, and I say they can absolutely go, as long as they get themselves there and pay for it.”

Mr. Eric Thompson hard at work in Room 107.

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