Technology assistance improves with the help of TARs

By J1 Reporter Olivia Ost

Technology causes problems. With today’s constant reliance on technology, people are finding it more difficult and stressful to deal with technology issues. Marian students receive an ipad at the beginning of the year and are encouraged to use it for class work and their studies. However, there are some difficulties that may follow, one might consider stopping in the Haddix Academic Center (HAC) at the TAR station if a student has questions about her ipad.

TAR stands for Technology Aid Resource.

“It’s satisfying knowing that I get to help people, and it’s also a sense of responsibility,” junior TAR Lea Bushey said. She went on to say that TARs even get to test out the new technology in the building. The TV screen in the collaboration room was one of the projects that TARs worked on over the summer. If teachers want to use the room, all they have to do is reserve it for the class period of their choice, by contacting Mrs. Molly Raabe. Students however are not allowed to use the TV screen in the collaboration room without a teacher present. 

One of Bushey’s most common complaints is the problem of “NO WIFI! People always come in with troubles about the wifi. Many people say that they’re not able to do their homework in the lunch room because of poor connection however, it’s only because the more people you have in a space, the weaker of a connection you will have,” she said.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.46.11 AM
Junior Lea Bushey helps fellow junior Molly Morrissey with the irritating wifi problem in the cafeteria.

Bushey also gets asked about the Power School code quite often which is now conveniently posted at the TAR station in the HAC. 

If students are interested in applying for a TAR position junior or senior year, the application process is “quite easy,” Bushey said. All you have to do is fill out the form that is sent to you at the end of the year, if selected you will come in for an interview given by Mrs. Molly Raabe and Mrs. Jane Campbell. Bushey highly recommends applying “It’s a great experience, especially if you are interested in anything with technology.” During the summer TARs go on field trips to places like UNMC to explore and gain technology experience. “It is a great opportunity for tuition assistance,” Bushey said. “You even get paid for the duration of your time during the summer spent at school, helping prepare for the upcoming school year.” 

If Marian students have any questions about their ipads, or technology in general girls should stop in at the HAC and see a friendly TAR to help them with their troubles. Not only are students welcomed, but teachers are as well, especially when Canvas replaces Google Classroom next semester. The TARs this year are Liz Brizman, Lea Bushey, Grace Ellis, Clara Glock, Abby Jacobsen, Jacquie Paul, Rebecca Roh, and Lily Weindel. 


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