Creighton practicum student brings new perspective

Zendejas in Action • Zendejas presents in front of a senior theology class. She will be at Marian until the end of the first semester.


Someone new has been attending theology teacher Mr. Kory Delkamiller’s classes. Marian welcomes Ms. Katie Zendejas, a practicum student studying under Delkamiller. She is a senior at Creighton University, studying to get her teaching degree. Zendejas is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. “I’ve definitely had to get used to the snow,” Zendejas laughed. “But I like Omaha more than Phoenix.” 

Zendejas was raised Catholic but didn’t know a lot about the Catholic faith or its theology before high school. She found herself in a bad mental state the summer before her freshman year of high school. Her parents decided to send her to an all-girls Catholic school similar to Marian. Initially, she was not very happy with the concept of wearing a uniform and attending a school with no boys. After having theology classes and learning more about God, Zendejas felt a lot happier and better about her life. 

This motivated her to become a theology teacher and to inspire girls like her younger self. So far she is very impressed by Marian girls. “It’s very different than other schools,” Zendejas said. “Seeing the work ethic is very different. At Marian everybody wants to achieve high goals and do the best they can, so it’s really nice to see that.” Though Phoenix is 1,300 miles away, “Marian feels like home,” Zendejas said.

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