Girls do good deeds: Lawler shares generosity, books


Marian girls are known for doing amazing acts of kindness, but there are few students who go above and beyond typical service work.

Freshman Colette Lawler and her family are a perfect example of how to perform impactful acts of kindness in your own backyard.

 Lawler grew up on a farm in Maryland where she and her siblings loved to read. “My family had a lot of extra books because we were all big readers. Because of this, we set up an event in our barn where kids could come and take free books,” Lawler said. 

These events took place almost every Saturday, and people began donating old children’s books so that others could have them.

Colette Lawler pic
Books in the Barn • Colette Lawler ‘23 spent her Sundays giving away books on her family’s farm in Maryland. Lawler was in second grade when this was taken. Photo courtesy of Colette Lawler.

As more people became involved, her family started to host free painting lessons. Lawler’s sister also used the books to set up a library at a school in Uganda.

 “Volunteering has made me a better person. It has shown me the power of hard work and how to have   fun while doing it. It has taught me valuable skills, and how to help people in a way you love,” Lawler said.

Although Lawler and her family have moved to Nebraska and left the farm behind, the new owners have decided to continue this amazing act of kindness. 

“I hope I gave some kids the chance to be educated, or just read a great book,” Lawler said.  

In the October Network Survey, many Marian students reported seeing girls doing things such as helping pick up books if they have fallen, inviting girls to lunch tables, picking up trash, starting conversations, giving compliments and much more. 

Little things like these build up the Marian community and have a great impact on those involved. 

It can be easy to get involved with service work and volunteering opportunities. Campus Ministry puts on drives and donations throughout the school year that students can get involved in. 

Some popular service sites include the Sheltering Tree, Heart Ministry, and the Nelson Mandela school.  

Visit the Daily Bulletin on the Marian website or talk to your counselor about more ways to help out your community.

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