Marian alumnae come back as staff

By J1 Reporter Sophia Simmons

Marian has been blessed to have alumnae come back, to continue and prosper the school’s traditions, as teachers and staff. These women were once in the shoes of current Marian girls. They can relate to and understand this next generation as they teach in their once classrooms. These alumnae long to continue their legacy at Marian to inspire and lead current Marian students. 

English teacher Mrs. Amy (Schumacher) Bauman ’92 participated in many activities at Marian in the late 80s and early 90s, those included: Campus Ministry (instead of the FIAT team, it was called Cornerstone Council), Journalism (Yearbook staff), EMHC, National Honor Society (tutor as well), Mu Alpha Theta (tutor as well),

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.46.43 AM.png
Amy Schumacher Bauman in her 1992 senior yearbook

National Spanish Honor Society, tutoring at St. Pius (service site coordinator), Pro-Life Club (Marian and Prep combined), and Science Club.

“I was blessed to return to Marian. I became a teacher because of the wise and compassionate example of one of my instructors, Mrs. Regina Lehnhoff. She inspired my love of literature and my desire to share it with others,” Bauman said. Teachers are the main foundation of what makes Marian a great place. The love of their job and compassion helps Marian girls succeed. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.46.27 AM.png
Jennifer Feregrino Christen in her 1996 senior yearbook

Assistant Principal Mrs. Jen (Feregrino) Christen ’96 also spent a lot of time in extracurricular activities, a few of them are musicals, newspaper staff, choir, pantomime, recruitment team, National Honor Society, and ministry council. “I loved my experience as a student here, so it made me excited knowing I could help other girls have a great experience, too,” Christen said.

The legacy of these two Marian girls, and the others on the staff who were once in the halls as students, will help lead the future generations to success. These alumnas’ time at Marian differs in some ways from the students here now.

 “The building and look of it is the biggest change, the physical additions have enhanced the campus,” Christen said. Although the walls may have changed, many things have stayed the same. Marian is full of traditions that have lasted for generations. 

“Field Day and Surprise Day are my two favorite traditions,” Christen said. Many Marian girls would completely agree with that statement today. Although there are years of difference, Marian creates a bond between the girls who attend/have attended here. 

“My favorite aspect of Marian is the students; they are the reason I love my job,” Bauman said. The community of Marian is the foundation of what makes Marian so special. 

“I really appreciate the faith foundation of the school – that Mary is our model,” Bauman said. The Marian community is centered around Mary, the mother and role model of Marian. The faith and community is what truly makes Marian come together. 


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