Marian is building diversity, inclusivity in culture


On the morning of Friday, Oct. 11, Marian held its first ever Donuts for Diversity event. It was organized by seniors Liv Mathews and Amaya Bang Hendon. About 50 people attended, and they discussed inclusivity and diversity among the Marian community and society as a whole while enjoying donuts.

“I, as a minority who attends Marian, constantly feel out of place. I have been determined through these four years to change that feeling and put things in place so nobody has to feel this way even after I graduate. This is where Donuts for Diversity comes in. Its purpose is to give students an outlet and let them know that they are not alone,” Mathews said.

The girls listened to Allen Burrell Jr. who works at Creighton Prep as the Director of Student Advocacy and Outreach. Bang Hendon, Mathews and Mrs. Kris Hennings, Dean of Students, worked together to reach out to Burrell. He spoke about diversity among communities, and students shared their experiences.

Shake My Hand • Agoum Monydhel ‘20 greets Claudia Archer ‘20 in an activity similar to the game Headbands. The activity recognized subconscious stereotypes people have and how they affect relationships. Photo by Sarah Cronin

“Too often, people of color are disregarded and our cultures just simply aren’t learned about. It’s about time this changes, Donuts for Diversity is the first, of hopefully many, to change this,” Mathews said.

“The best way to promote diversity and inclusivity is having conversations and getting to know one another. I am truly amazed at the diversity in the crowd we had at Donuts for Diversity, especially this early in the morning,” Burrell said.

Many girls were impacted by the speaker at Donuts for Diversity. “I love that someone of color came to talk to the student body because we know that it’s easier to look up to someone who’s also a minority and knows how it feels to be a colored human being. I’d like our teenagers to be more educated on the cultures of minorities and not just materialistic things like having a black friend or cousin,” sophomore Hai’den Davis said.

“Diversity is important because it brings so many more beautiful things to the table. Diversity brings along culture and things that are different from your everyday life. The truth is we aren’t all the same, we are different and that’s okay,” Mathews said.

Mathews and Bang Hendon are planning to organize more events like Donuts for Diversity. They are working with Hennings and Burrell to collaborate efforts between Prep and Marian to give the opportunity to talk about and advocate for diversity.

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