Seniors explore careers through job shadowing opportunity

Potential Veterinarian • Maya Reed ’20 job shadowed at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital. Shadowing helped her figure out her passion and what she wants to do in the future. Photo Illustration by Ella Meis.


In order to give the seniors an extra boost into the world of adulting, Marian is giving them the opportunity to shadow someone with their ideal career. From the Omaha Police Department to the Henry Doorly Zoo, students are finding people with fascinating careers to shadow.

Mr. Kory Delkamiller and Deacon Kevin Fuller’s Theology IV classes are the ones getting their hands dirty by going out into the world and exploring various occupations for themselves. “We really want to give them [the seniors] an experience of what their job or their profession would actually be like,” Delkamiller said. “Sometimes we can conjure things up in our head and think it’s one way and then the reality of it is something completely different, either in a positive way or negative way. We want to provide that experience and then build from it so they can make decisions accordingly. It can really save a lot of money, time and heartache in the future,” he said.

For example, senior Maya Reed shadowed at Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital. “The job shadow experience for me was really eye-opening, I was struggling between two majors and I feel I have a better idea of what I want to do in the future,” Reed said. “I think job shadowing will help me figure out my passion and help me learn what I want to do. Even though this was an assignment, it didn’t really feel like it. If anything, I had fun shadowing. I plan on doing more job shadowing in the future.”

Senior Kate Jensen shadowed at Guild Evans Architecture Firm in Kansas City, Mo.  “I learned a lot about sustainability in architecture and my favorite part was the tour of the studio and seeing what daily life is like,” Jensen said. “I am excited to be an architect of some kind and I can’t wait to work in that type of creative environment.”

This theology shadowing assignment is due on Jan. 21 which gives seniors plenty of time to complete it. It’s required that a paper be written once the student has finished the job shadow as well. Although it is a grade, the opportunity to job shadow seems to be helping a variety of seniors with their career decisions.

“Job shadowing is worth it. It’s worth your time, energy, and your effort to set it up. It will either affirm your decision or it might lead the student into another direction in life. I think it’s definitely worth your time,” Delkamiller said.

It can be difficult deciding which major one wants to participate in. Job shadowing allows seniors to get a better idea of what they want to pursue. In addition, job shadowing as an underclassman can help with future plans. It’s always a good idea to experience the careers you’re interested in before you go to college.

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