He’s the Piano Man

By J1 Reporter Margaret Kelly

Students who do not take classes in the Performing Arts Center (PAC), probably don’t know who Mr. Tim DiBlasi is. He is an educator, supporter of all things musical, and is loved by his students. But what does he do exactly? 

DiBlasi is the pianist for almost every choir class, performance and extracurricular related to the performing arts. He has worked with choir director Ms. Lauren Morrissey and her predecessor Ms. Cathy Pruitt for years, playing for musicals, Pops Concerts and bringing joy and laughter to all the girls who have had the absolute pleasure of meeting him.

Member of Momentum Show Choir Amelia Zimmerman has known this pianist longer than most. 

“Mr. DiBlasi was my kindergarten teacher and he gave me my first solo, and I saw him again my freshman year and holy moley, it is so amazing to have him teach me again,” Zimmerman said 

DiBlasi gets to school around 6:30 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday for Show Choir practice, and stays late every night for three months of musical rehearsal, usually until 9:30 p.m. He has unconditional support for the Marian students performing in the shows and delights in their success. 

DiBlasi has been an educator for 35 years teaching at Westside Middle School, Prairie Lane Elementary School and Rockbrook Elementary School, and he has spent four of those years at Marian. Morrissey has worked with him for five years. “We have a lot of fun, a lot of laughs. He’s like our biggest cheerleader, and he loves everything choir,” Morrisssey said

Students may not even realize they have met him. DiBlasi is a constant in the PAC, so if you see a piano man, strike up a conversation, you may just make a new friend. 

Mr. Tim DiBlasi accompanies the Show Choir at 7 a.m. practice on Tuesday, Oct. 29. 



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