Polar Plunge Raises Money for Special Olympics

By J1 Reporters Mary Cate Tabor and Sophia Virgillito

Marian students who wish to participate in the Polar Plunge will be freezing for a good reason on Feb. 8. Polar Plunge is an event that challenges community members to raise money for Special Olympics, then run into the frozen Lake Zorinsky in the dead of winter. 

Students from Marian and many other organizations, start preparing early for the plunge and each Marian student is required to raise at least $50 to participate, but everyone is encouraged to bring in more to support an important cause. In February of 2019, Marian raised $3,045 to donate to Special Olympics. 

Moderator of this club and social studies teacher, Mrs. Amy McLeay organizes this event for Marian students to participate in each year. McLeay makes sure everything is organized beforehand, like money and club t-shirts, and arrives very early to the plunge so the chilly February day runs smoothly. 

Marian students are attracted to return to this club each year because they are excited about the chance to do something for a good cause alongside some friends. Junior Katie Corpuz said, “I enjoy plunging with my friends and singing songs before we run in. We try to distract ourselves from the cold by dancing.” 

Marian girls are encouraged to participate in supporting Special Olympics which is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing lives of those with intellectual disabilities through physical challenges like sports and fitness. Not only do Marian girls get the chance to help such a good cause, they also get to make more Marian memories with classmates.

Corpuz describes her experiences as “definitely worth it!” She also mentions it was cold her freshman year, “I remember feeling the temperature shock when I hit the water.” 

Freshman Lydia Wagner signed up for this year’s Polar Plunge with an excited energy. She says, “I signed up wanting to do the plunge with my friends by my side.”  She hears “winter is gonna be freezing!” Wagner is excited to do something fun for a good cause, and it is one of the main reasons she was attracted to the club. This year 209 Marian girls have signed up for the 2020 Polar Plunge at the club fair in August!

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 8.37.18 AM.png
Photo by Sally Noble and Lexi Schorg. February 2019, Marian students run into the freezing water towards the buoy, in hopes to warm up as soon as possible.

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