Marian athletes commit to colleges

By J1 Reporters Sophia Stevens and Grace Virgillito

A few Marian girls every year make the decision to continue their academics while playing a college sport. In the past years, some Marian girls continued their athletic careers ranging from Division I to Division III.

This fall, a total of 15 seniors recently announced their commitment, and will be signing documents on Nov. 13.  

These girls already know where they want to continue their education and commit to various colleges or universities. They tend to announce their commitments via social media. Marian students, junior  Megan Carter, senior Payton Kirchhoefer, junior Tatum Villotta and senior Isabella Pantano announced their commitments on social media.

Megan Carter announced her commitment on Oct. 6. 

“I chose Indiana because I wanted to dive, felt comfortable and at home, and loved the team aspect,” Carter said “I am very excited to start there in the fall of 2021!” Carter has won two diving state championships, and is going for her third consecutive win this year. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.42.39 AM.png
Megan Carter ’21 declaring commitment to Indiana via Instagram.


Senior Isabella Pantano, committed to the University of South Carolina in Columbia, to continue her swimming career.  “The whole recruiting process is very stressful, each college I visited told me to make the decision quickly,” Pantano said.

These students are choosing to forward their education by committing to colleges and universities all around the U.S. Some Marian girls play these sports their whole lives and end up continuing their athletic career for the next four years. 

Junior Tatum Villotta committed to the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. Villotta said, “I really liked the coaches and the softball program. The campus was really pretty and I liked what it had to offer.” She continues saying, “I really like the college. They have a lot of majors that I may go into. I feel like I have a lot of options going in and I’m really excited for the future. Since we’ll practice and get together before school starts, I will get to know a lot of the girls and make friends before all the classes and homework starts, which makes me feel a little more confident going into my first years of college.” 

Senior volleyball player, Payton Kirchhoefer committed to Northwest Missouri State in Maryville. Kirchhoefer said, “I think it is a wonderful school and volleyball program. The whole school and team has a very family and home feel.” Kirchhoefer also said she visited multiple schools and ended up choosing Northwest Missouri State. 

Seniors Payton Kirchhoefer and Isabella Pantano will attend the recruitment signing on Nov. 13. Juniors verbally commit and attend their recruitment signing during their senior year. 

Many other Marian athletes have committed to different colleges, and have chosen to further their education and athletic careers.  Committing to a college can be a difficult process, but in the end all the years leading up to their hard work is paid off.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.59.26 AM
Seniors who plan to declare committing on Nov. 13, according to Athletic Director, Ms. Rochelle Rohlfs.


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