Servants of Mary continue connections to Congo

By J1 Reporter Natalie Cusick

           Marian’s next door neighbors and founders, the Servants of Mary, have two visitors this semester. The two visitors are Servites Sister Constance Musese and Sister Monique Grenier from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

           Their journey to the United States in August took two days and consisted of driving to Uganda and then taking three flights from Brussels, to London, to America. They first arrived in Wisconsin for a general chapter meeting of the Servants of Mary, which included Servites from France, Belgium, Canada, the United States, and the Congo.

         Next, Constance and Monique spent 10 days in Portland. Finally, they arrived here in Omaha, where they will stay until December. While Sisters Monique and Constance have adjusted gracefully to Nebraska’s harsh weather and started speaking more English than their usual French, the biggest difference in their time here has been a less busy schedule than they experience back home. In the Congo, Sr. Constance just finished her medical studies and is working hard to become a doctor. Sr. Monique, on the other hand, teaches at a Catholic primary school of 61 students.

        In their time here the two are learning English, exploring culture, building community, and experiencing the Servites in the United States. “This will help us to grow in the faith … and when we will arrive in the Congo we will share this experience with the Sisters,” Sr. Constance said.

         The Omaha Servants of Mary are equally as grateful for Constance and Monique’s visit to the United States. “It’s been exciting to have them here because it gives us more of a sense of our internationality,” Sr. Margaret Buchta said. “They just bring joy and it is exciting because they are younger than many of us and this is our future as Servites.”

          Sisters Monique and Constance have built connections between the Servants of Mary that stretch across the globe and continue the Servite legacy.

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 8.08.47 AM.png
Sr. Constance and Sr Monique from the Democratic Republic of the Congo share their stories with Journalism I, Block C. Photo by Grace Ellis


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