Coffee conundrum confounds consumers

By J1 Reporter Maddie Mitchell 0-3

It is no secret to anyone that Marian girls love their coffee. With FBLA’s Blue Brew offering coffee two times a week in the Quad and the recycling bin in the quad typically overflowing with empty coffee cups at 7:50 every morning, coffee is obviously popular.

At the beginning of the 2019 school year Marian announced that with new renovations, girls would no longer be allowed to have coffee in the hallways. If you would like to sip on some coffee before school, you would now have to head to the Quad, Cafeteria, or drink it in the car on the way to school. 

Marian girls get their coffee in a few different ways, but almost every girl has their favorite whether it is Starbucks, Dunkin, Scooters, or they make it themselves. Sophomore Kennedy Beecham’s favorite coffee place is Dunkin’ Donuts on 106th and Fort because “they always make it how I like it and it’s just a few dollars.”

Some girls have the same exact coffee order they don’t think twice about, while others love to switch up depending on the season and their mood. Junior Bridget McKay’s coffee order is always consistent from any shop, an iced coffee with cream and vanilla. “I prefer iced coffee much more than hot coffee, because I can drink it faster,” McKay said.

How much money does the typical Marian girl invest into their beloved coffee? The average Marian girl spends about $6 a week on coffee based on a pool of 20 girls. Senior Gaby Watton is on the high side of this average as she typically spends $15 a week on coffee while junior Sidney Sledge does not drop a penny on coffee. Many factors influence this number. Some girls drink no coffee while others prefer Starbucks which is accompanied by high prices. A grande iced caramel macchiato costs $4.45 before tax at Starbucks.

Marian girls love to begin their day with caffeine, but what are the effects? Ms. Megan Han, Class of 2013, was concerned with consumption of caffeine by young teenagers. As a math teacher, she has noticed an increase in the number of students who drink coffee in the morning. She has noticed some of these students drinking large amounts of coffee, and they may be unaware of the negative effects it can have. “Large amounts of caffeine lead to increased anxiety and depression,” Han said.

Caffeine is a drug that stimulates the central nervous system. Many people consume caffeine to help keep up with their busy life. According to top rated rehab center Newport Academy, a safe amount of caffeine for adults is 300 to 400 mg a day. For developing teens, this number is much lower at 100 mg a day. According to Caffeine Informer, 100mg of caffeine is found in .2 of a Starbucks Venti brewed coffee and .6 of a 16 fl oz can of Monster Energy. Any excess amount of the drug is proven to cause shakiness, adolescent sleep disorders, agitation, headaches and dehydration. 

The main concern for adults when it comes to caffeine and teenagers is sleep. Sleep is pertinent to teenagers as their brains are still developing. Teens who consume heavy amounts of caffeine oftentimes see their sleep interrupted. A lack of sleep in teens can cause mood disturbances, lack of focus, irritability and an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents.



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