Fashion outside of uniform allows for student creativity

By J1 Reporters Rachel Achola and Molly Monahan 

Students at Marian wear a uniform each day to school. While it allows the students to be less rushed during mornings and it is less stressful when it comes to picking out what to wear, it can lead to the students not being able to fully express themselves through fashion. Some girls have an individual sense of style they like to showcase by accessorizing their uniforms and flaunting their stylish outfits on the weekends.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.41.16 AM
Emori Hamilton’20 senior photos by Katie Trout

Senior Emori Hamilton has been wearing the same uniform for four years and prioritizes comfort as a result. Nonetheless, she takes pride in expressing her style when she has the chance. “I would describe my sense of style as cute, trendy and comfortable.” Hamilton said.

“I absolutely love shopping and the feeling of confidence I get when I feel cute.” Hamilton enjoys the entire process of finding an outfit that feels perfect for her. Watching it all come together empowers her.

Sophomore Jill Williamson appreciates wearing a uniform every day because it saves her time in the morning, she finds ways to add her own personality to the uniform. “I love to spice up my uniform with different signature jewelry like, hoop earrings, my favorite ring, and a simple necklace,” Williamson said. 

Several ways students can individualize their uniform’s by wearing stylish shoes, headbands, rings, necklaces, nails and earrings. “I chose white Nike Air Force 1’s as my school shoes because they are comfortable and the white goes with any of my socks,” freshman Katie Foley said. Many students, like Foley,  find ways to pair fashion with the uniform by choosing items that can make it a personalized look.

Some of the students eat sleep and breathe fashion. It is a central focus in their lives. They may wear uniforms daily but that does not change the fact that they are enamoured by the world of fashion and what it represents to them.

Junior Connie Regan is one of those individuals, she is a self described fashion enthusiast. When she is not in her uniform Regan is dressed to a tee. Her style is profoundly influenced by designer brands. “Alexander Wang  is one of my biggest fashion inspirations. He’s a very prestigious designer who is inspired by the prestige of the runway, street fashion and cultural beauty,” Regan said. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 11.40.41 AM
Connie Regan ’21 at Omaha Fashion Week. Photo by Sydney Kirkwood, courtesy of Regan. 

“He has an avante garde style, and he transformed his artistic vision into a reality, ethically while simultaneously being very transparent about his goals,” Regan said. Regan has been involved Omaha Fashion Week and is active on several social media platforms that showcase her eye for style.   

Students can choose express their creativity in many ways through fashion, even in a school where uniforms are required each day.



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