First baby brings joy into Spanish teacher’s life

By J1 Reporter Molly Smith

On Aug. 20, beloved Spanish teacher Mrs. Amanda Pritchard and her husband Jack brought their first child into the world, James William Pritchard, at 11:35 p.m. 

“My favorite thing about James is his facial expressions and little sounds,” Pritchard said. “He’s my little buddy.” 

For now, Pritchard is soaking in all the little things such as “little noises like he’s talking.” She said she has many favorite things about James. “I laugh out loud at some of his little faces – especially when he sneezes!” Pritchard said. 

Last spring when Pritchard announced to her classes that she was pregnant, Spanish II student Megan Carter, along with many other students, was “so excited for her because [she] knew she would be a great mom based on how she treats all of her students.” 

Pritchard is a greatly admired teacher at Marian. She is known for the “structure of her class and the fun activities she did to help you understand,” according to junior Maddie Mitchell, and her “compassion in and out of the classroom” in the words of Carter. 

Now, Pritchard says her days are “relaxed” and “very slow-paced” compared to what she is used to, but the months leading up to the arrival of James were not. According to Pritchard, she spent “all of July making lesson plans, Power Points, and a detailed Google Drive for [her] sub.” On top of that, she also “came in to school in August to set up [her] classroom and make a ton of copies.” 

All of the hard work paid off though and did not go unnoticed by her current students. According to sophomore Hannah Tate, Pritchard made sure that all of the students had access to materials that would help them if they got confused. “The most helpful thing has been her neat notes,” Tate said.

Pritchard said she believes coming back will be extremely hard because she does “so much to take care of James and [is] nervous for someone else to do that all day.” Despite the difficulty of leaving James, she is “excited to come back because [she] loves teaching, and [she] REALLY loves teaching at Marian.”

Pritchard will be back to Marian on Nov. 11, her birthday! 


Mrs. Pritchard and her son, James, at one week old
Photo Taken by Carly Urbach, Courtesy of Mrs. Pritchard

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