Freshman Samantha Flores expresses creativity through makeup


Makeup at Marian isn’t seen as a common thing. In fact, 74 percent of students who responded to the November & December survey said they do not wear makeup to school. Freshman Samantha Flores isn’t among that number. She wakes up at 5:30 in the morning to do an entire face of makeup every day. “Students are told to roam the halls with a bare face because it’s just girls. Who do you have to impress?” Flores asked.

Touchin’ Up Samantha Flores ’23 applies her favorite lipstick in the restroom. She tends to do touch ups throughout the day. Photo by Lydia Larson.

Flores wakes up bright and early to get ready for school. “It usually takes me about an hour to do an entire face, but depending on how much time I have in the morning, is how long I will spend on my makeup,” Flores said.

“I started wearing makeup in fifth grade, though I wasn’t technically allowed to wear it until eighth grade. Growing up I always stole my mom’s makeup and she would always do my makeup for Halloween. I just fell in love with it,” Flores said.

Flores said she gets stared at in the hallways every day. However, this does not make her insecure. “If a girl is wearing a lot of makeup, you should empower her. If she is not wearing any makeup, you should empower her. Love yourself with makeup and love yourself without makeup. Marian should be the perfect place to test out the makeup look you may be scared of or just to practice every day, because there should be no judgement,” Flores said

“A negative stereotype society has made is that makeup is seen as a way girls try to enhance their features for the attention of others, not for themselves. This stigma about makeup needs to change. Makeup should be seen as an art form, showing off the skills you have acquired by the endless time spent practicing. One thing people always assume is that I am insecure about how I look, and that’s not the case at all. It boosts my confidence up when I do my makeup, and I want to feel confident all the time and do what makes me happy,” Flores said.

Junior Anna Dailey is one of many girls who don’t wear makeup to school, however, they wear it on the weekend.

“I don’t wear makeup to school because I don’t really feel the need to, and I don’t wake up early enough. On the weekends, I wear makeup because I think it’s fun and I like to try new makeup items. If girls want to wear makeup at Marian and they enjoy it then I think it’s great,” Dailey said.

“I love makeup because I feel so accomplished when it turns out well or I complete a difficult look. For me, makeup is seen as a colorful thing in a black and white world. When people say they don’t like my makeup or I wear too much, it gives me more power to love it,” Flores said.

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