Blue, a tidal wave of flavor

Review By J1 Reporter Sophie Stevens

There are many places in Omaha that you can get sushi, but my favorite happens to be Blue Sushi. Blue Sushi is a sushi and sake grill located all around the United States and even in Nebraska. 

The Blue Sushi’s in Omaha are located downtown and by 144th and Maple. The Blue I visited was on 144th and Maple. The menu consists of many sushi rolls and lots of other good food.  


At Blue, an order of sushi rolls ranges from $8 to $10. Blue is very well known for the blue crunch roll and California roll. They are fairly healthy and many people enjoy their meals. The atmosphere in Blue is very loud and noisy and it usually tends to be very busy. 

In Blue, there is a bar and lounge seating that has worked very well for them in the past. At Blue my favorite thing to order there is an order of the California roll and Brussels sprouts. 

I would give Blue a four out of five because there food comes out quickly and there is no hassle to bring the food home if want it to go, but when you want to eat at Blue, it takes a very long time and there is usually a 30 minute waiting period to get your table. Blue is a very good restaurant that comes with many choices that many people should try. Going to Blue was a great experience and I would highly recommend eating there. 


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