The American Grill for Everyone

J1 Reviewer Anna Voelker       

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 8.39.41 AM

With a delightful atmosphere, Jams in downtown Omaha was a delicious restaurant that serves the majority of people’s wants and needs. Sitting at 1101 Harney Street, the street view was lovely and made for great seating. Jams had almost every food choice on the menu ranging from burgers to tacos and fish to steak. The food prices were not cheap, but they were reasonable, so if looking for 
cheap food, this may not be the place.

        I ordered a chicken parmesan sandwich with a side of fries, and the food came quickly. Although the portion size was large, I enjoyed most of the sandwich and took a box home for the rest. The waitress who served my table provided good service and hospitality. I went to Jams on a Thursday night, so not many parties were there making for a quiet evening.          

        In the end, Jams was a wonderful place to eat. The menu has many options for everyone and the restaurant is also large, so it is great for bigger parties. The beautiful downtown scenery just added to the great environment. I would definitely rate this restaurant 4.5 stars out of 5. Due to the large portioning size, I downgraded half a point, but it overall was a great experience. I would highly recommend Jams Downtown to most people.


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