Disney Wonder’s Tritons

Review by J1 Reporter Samantha Pelan

On all four Disney Cruise ships there is rotational dining.  This means you rotate through three different restaurants with the same servers. On the Disney Wonder the restaurants are Animator’s Palate, Tritons, and Tiana’s Place. My favorite of these was Tritons. It serves French cuisine, but includes many options for children. On the Disney Cruise Line it is typical to order an appetizer, soup or salad, entree and dessert. The restaurants are open for dinner and lunch every day.

Anyone can order from the kids’ menu. Kids can be served first if requested and then can go to the kids club when they are done so adults can enjoy a lengthy meal without squirmy children. Vegetarian, lighter note, gluten free, and dairy free options are marked on the menu.

The service on the Disney Wonder was exceptional. Having the servers rotate restaurants with you allows the guests to get to know their servers. Many servers also perform card tricks and other activities to entertain children. 

The cost of a Disney Cruise includes food, so you can order as much as you want without worrying about the cost. If you do not like what you ordered you can always get another meal and ordering two desserts is never frowned upon. 

While I was at Tritons, I ordered Marinated Tiger Shrimp as my appetizer. I liked the shrimp in this appetizer, but did not enjoy the celery hearts and remoulade. For my soup and salad, I ordered the Braised Oxtail Soup. This was an amazing broth with spinach and roasted garlic tortellini. It was a great way to start off my meal and was not too filling.

 The bread service was sourdough with a roasted red pepper dip. I usually did not try the dips, but since I was reviewing it, I thought I should and I am very glad I did. It was much better than plain butter and added a lot of flavor to the fresh bread. For my main course, I ordered fettuccine with parmesan crusted chicken. This dish was chicken breaded in parmesan cheese with sweet peppers and mushrooms. This dish was a generous portion and incredibly filling. For dessert, I got the raspberry vanilla creme brûlée with lemon madeleines. This dessert was probably the best creme brûlée I have ever had and my favorite dessert of the vacation.

Tritons was a delicious restaurant with a great environment and service. The Disney Wonder holds this great restaurant and two others that are very good as well.



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