Nothing missing from the Omaha Jams experience: great food and service

Review by J1 Reporter Maddie Mitchell

Many people have favorite restaurants and know what they want before they even glance at the menu. It is extremely easy to get comfortable when making your restaurant choice and “playing it safe.” Recently, I challenged myself to try a new restaurant and try something I wouldn’t normally order.

My friend Grace and I both wanted to go somewhere we had not previously tried. We went through many possible options, but hadn’t agreed on one. I went to Yelp where I did a simple restaurants near me search. “Jams” popped up and Grace and I decided to try it out. 

Jams is a reputable Omaha restaurant with three locations that I had heard positive remarks about which influenced my decision. There is a location downtown, in central Omaha, and in West Omaha in the shops of Legacy. Grace and I headed to “Jams Midtown” which is conveniently located in Beverly Hills plaza right off of 78th and Dodge.

We were seated quickly upon entering and started pursuing the menu. We were greeted by our waiter and brought starter rolls with butter. I was up for anything, so I asked the waiter what he recommended. I ended up ordering a chicken enchilada. Grace ordered a roasted turkey on grilled sourdough sandwich with fries. 

Our food was brought out quickly and we began to enjoy. My meal was good and my personal favorite was the rice on the side. Neither Grace nor I ended up finishing our meals, and our waiter kindly boxed them for us.

The Jams at this location has two separate rooms and more of a formal atmosphere. This restaurant would be perfect a night out with your friends or a date night. The restaurant is a little pricy for a teenager as meals are around $15.

I would give Jams a 9 out of 10. The food was delicious, the staff was kind and quick, and I am sure to return in the future.

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