Preventing winter sickness


Flu season is upon us, which means students are constantly coming down with an illness of some sort. Whether it’s an atrocious cough or chills, a big portion of Marian’s population gets sick this time of year.

Several Marian students have come down with something over winter break. Take sophomore Kayleigh Schorg for example.

Avoid the flu • Remedies accessible at home like water, lemons and cough drops can help prevent winter sicknesses. Illustration by Ella Meis.

“I’m always sick this time of year. I’m always coming down with a cold or the flu,” Schorg said. “Some ways I try to avoid getting sick are: sanitizing my hands, drinking lots of water, and having a normal sleep schedule. Having a normal sleeping schedule may seem unimportant but going to bed at an early hour can really make a difference on your immune system. Plus you feel better all the time.”

According to, Colds and viruses are most often transmitted through hands. It is extremely crucial to wash one’s hands since there may have been germs picked up from other people or contaminated surfaces. Humans commonly catch colds when they are rubbing their nose or their eyes after they had touched the cold virus. Exercising, eating nutritious foods, sleep and drinking plenty of fluids can protect one’s health during cold and flu season. 

A few things to remember during this winter season include: cover the mouth when coughing or sneezing, avoid rubbing the eyes and nose, stay away from crowds if possible, and avoid sharing food or drinks with other people. 

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