Support women’s cosmetic choices

Opinion by HollyMcCutcheon

We stand at protests with signs supporting feminism while wearing a “Girls Support Girls” shirt, yet when a woman makes the choice to undergo cosmetic injections or plastic surgery, we are so quick to turn our heads. Harsh, false assumptions are made against the patient. It’s a completely contradictory action to say you support women making their own decisions and then speak out against their cosmetic choices. 

Many opposers to the treatments are disgusted because they think the woman receiving the treatment is materialistic and “plastic.” However, many times, this is far from accurate. Women and men all across the world support and participate in cosmetic injections and plastic surgery to make them feel better about themselves.  Contrary to popular belief, most people who do this aren’t doing it to please other people at all. 

Everyone has physical features that they don’t always love. By undergoing these procedures, women are able to alter their not-so-favorite features, while still preserving their natural beauty. Without these procedures, they feel self conscious and have little confidence in their image. By being pleased with their physical appearance, they are able to show a stronger front to the world. This can help them be more successful in things like job interviews, public speaking and social events.

A common reason for women to get cosmetic injections is to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on their faces. Media is constantly shaming women for aging but then also degrading them for trying to cover it up. It often feels as though they can’t catch a break. While there is nothing wrong with aging, technology has given women the option to reduce its side effects, and in turn feel better about their appearance through things like botox and fillers. 

When I recently job shadowed a certified aesthetic nurse specialist, I was able

plastic surgery graphic
Illustration by Lydia Larson

to see first-hand the positive effects these procedures can have on a woman’s self confidence. Patients leave the office with a huge smile across their face and more confidence than they had walking in. It promotes powerful women who are able to go out into the world and make their voices heard. 

One would think that because we go to an empowering all girls school, we would be able to set aside our harsh critiques on the topic and support our fellow females, however I still see girls degrading women for participating in cosmetic injections and plastic surgery. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter what one’s own opinion on the topic is, because we should all be supporting the decisions that women are making. Stop tearing each other down, and instead let each other be happy and confident in their own skin. 

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