Staff Standout of the Month: Mr. Billy Deibler


The Network staff chose to recognize Mr. Billy Deibler, the Technology Director, as the January issue’s Staff Standout. Deibler does a lot for Marian, although, most of his work is behind the scenes, so it can go unnoticed or unappreciated. “If it plugs in, it somehow becomes my responsibility,” Deibler laughed. “All things technology and support.”

Work Hard, Play Hard •  Mr. Billy Deibler, Marian’s Technology Director, and currently the only member of the Computer Information and Technology department, works tirelessly to help the school run smoothly. The Network staff chose to recognize him this issue to celebrate all his incredible behind the scenes work. Photo by Olivia Sullivan.

He has been known to help with sound, printers, projectors, iPads, servers, networks, laptops and much more. Deibler works year-round, helping everything run smoothly and “making sure we are ready to go for the next school year.” He also helps with the TAR (Technical Aid Resource) program in the summer.

“Marian is a great place. It is such a unique place that I can’t even put a finger on why,” Deibler said.

He has been at Marian since 2013, after working as an IT (information technology) Technician in a manufacturing environment.

Deibler holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration/Management, a secondary Business Teacher Licensure and Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, making him uniquely suited to work well in Marian’s educational environment.

Deibler said his favorite part of his job was that, “every day is different. It gives me experience with all different kinds of technology.” He also said how much he appreciates the Marian community, “the students are great; the people I work with are great.”

When not at helping out at Marian, “I am usually hanging out with my kiddos. They are 4 and 3,” Deibler said.

The Network staff appreciates all of Deibler’s hard work and dedication to Marian, and most importantly, his cheerful attitude dealing with all of our technology needs!

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