Future college athletes train to be better prepared


Training and conditioning for athletes is not unfamiliar. Four Marian students, seniors Parker Stafford and Liv Mathews and juniors Abby Russel and Abby Jacobsen, train with personal trainer and nutrition expert Coach Greyson “G” McDaniel. Stafford has been training with McDaniel in order to build her strength and endurance, so she can be a successful Division One basketball player.

McDaniel and his team only train athletes who are serious about taking their physical fitness to the next level. They train serious athletes from schools all over Omaha and the surrounding area such as Marian, Papillion La Vista, Papillion South, Elkhorn South, Millard North and Gretna. They also work with a few clubs and sports organizations in Omaha. Their prices vary depending on the workout and the athletes training plan.

“I heard of Coach G through a former teammate who I used to play with and now plays Division One basketball at Illinois State. I didn’t start working with [McDaniel] until he reached out to me through social media explaining how he wants to work with more athletes who are developing for the collegiate level,” Stafford said.

“Coach G helps us build our strength through different interval trainings and explosive movements. We do mostly lifting and our conditioning is implemented into some of our different lifts. For example, we do sleds every workout which are great for conditioning,” Stafford said.

McDaniel has helped Stafford build her confidence both as a person and as an athlete. “It is really rewarding working with a personal trainer. It is a good way to keep yourself accountable if you have trouble getting to the gym on your own or need help with structured workouts. Not to mention, Coach Greyson is very motivating and always pushes me harder than I would’ve thought I could go on my own. He also is very involved with you as a person. He has come to some of my games and always makes sure to check up on me and how basketball is going,” Stafford said.

“Workouts are geared towards speed, strength and conditioning style exercises that athletes will be performing at the next level. What’s the next level? The next level for a middle school athlete would be preparing for high school sports. The next level for a high school athlete would be preparing for collegiate athletics. An example layout of the workout includes speed training, strength training and recovery,” McDaniel said.

“He is great at building confidence in young athletes which is really what they need to play at the next level. I have worked out with Division One men’s basketball players and former Nebraska football players with Greyson’s training. This shows that he is not afraid to push me to do workouts that he would put grown men through,” Stafford said. “I really appreciate this because it is not uncommon for trainers to treat women differently by giving them workouts that are not as intense,” Stafford said.

Payton and Coach G for page 13
Strengthening Performance • Parker Stafford ’20 lifts weights as part of Coach Greyson McDaniel’s work out plan in order to prepare for Division One athletics. McDaniel encourages his athletes to push themselves and achieve greatness. Photo courtesy of Greyson McDaniel.

“I have seen so much improvement in myself physically and mentally after working out with Coach G. I also see Ed and Lauren, Marian’s trainers, and they have helped tremendously as well. My legs and arms have gotten much stronger and it is visible physically and through the way I am able to play,” Stafford said.

“I have had a personal trainer [outside of Marian] before, but I was not happy with my results. I met Coach G on social media, and he has helped me a lot as an athlete. Having him as my personal trainer has helped me build my strength and endurance. He keeps me motivated and held accountable because I have to show up to work outs,” Russel said.

Physical fitness requires a healthy diet, and McDaniel makes sure his athletes are fueling their body with important nutrients. “Nutrition is the key to an athlete’s success. Think of it like a car you drive to school. If you drive to Marian High School from the gym for about 30 minutes, you are going to be doing a lot of driving. This will have stress on the engine, oil intake, etc. This stress will be fed by the gasoline you pump into your car. What happens if you don’t fill your car with the top of the line gasoline? It won’t run correctly or maybe not even at all. This is a concept we try to make sure all of our athletes understand,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel’s influence on Marian’s athletes show through their performance, as Stafford and Russel both confirmed they feel and play better. His emphasis on fueling the body with the best foods and training the best one can helps athletes perform the best they can.

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