Student Services can serve as hub for group work


Student Services Still Serving • Girls from all grades take advantage of the Student Services area, filling every table in the morning while finishing homework, working on projects and collaborating with each other. Photo by Libby Schimonitz.

Marian’s construction of the Haddix Academic Center came to an end at the beginning of this school year. Following its completion, Marian’s Student Services, which was previously a student hub for group work, quiet work and general assistance from counselors, became a desolate area used by only a few students.

“Every table down here used to be completely full in the mornings,” Mrs. Jennifer Christen, Assistant Principal, said. “Now, only two or three tables get filled on a busy day.”

“Last year, this was the only area that students could come to,” Christen said. Student Services served as not only a place for student work and counselor help, but also the main office during the school year last year. “This was one of the few places girls could come work,” Christen said.

Christen believes that the student population is starting to return to Student Services despite the popularity of the Haddix Academic Center. “I think at the very beginning of the year we didn’t have a lot of students down here, but the population is slowly starting to come back,” she said.

Mrs. Priscilla Trecek, Learning Services Coordinator, agrees that students are finding Student Services as a place for collaboration once again.

“We obviously like the idea of this area being a place of group work where you collaborate and talk, whereas the Haddix is a quieter place that’s more individualized,” Trecek said. “We’ve been seeing that girls are noticing that, too, and they’ve been coming back down here.”

Trecek has been seeing a lot of freshmen coming through Student Services, especially before school. “There’s this awesome table filled with a bunch of freshmen every morning, and it makes me so happy. It’s now their morning routine, and those girls sort of have their own table down here. They definitely utilize this area,” she said.

Trecek is always encouraging girls to come down for assistance with anything. “I really do think a lot of girls take advantage of their counselors with going to see them when they need them, but know that anyone can help anyone down here. It does not have to be just your counselor,” she said.

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