Stirring things up

By J1 Reviewer Sylvia Poulos       

       Over Christmas break my family and I enjoyed lunch at Stirnella.  After our church service last Sunday, we set out for Stirnella. When we walked in, it was around noon and the restaurant was almost completely vacant.

        As we made our way to the table, we were greeted immediately by our server.  This was pleasing since my family assumed they would have taken some time to notice we were seated.

        Our server was very polite, however, we noticed he was also a cook due to the fact that he still had a messy apron on.  This was off putting because it gave the impression that there were not enough workers present.  

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 8.32.34 AM.png

          As it came time to order, my grandma had requested mac and cheese, but the kitchen had not yet prepared noodles, so she had to order another item.  Moving on, I ordered the trout salad, my brother: chicken sandwich and my mom: hamburger.  The appetizers were pretty tiny and did not go over $15. However, the entrees varied anywhere from $15-$35.  Overall, Stirnella had excellent prices for a satisfying amount of food.

    The food arrived in about 15 minutes and tasted fairly decent.  There were only a couple of concerns regarding our meals. Danny, my brother, had noticed his sandwich was very bland.  When he looked under the bun, there was only mayonnaise on the chicken patty. Next, my grandma’s French onion soup came out fairly cold.  Although there were a few issues, my family still thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

       Though I have heard amazing reviews over the restaurant, I truly did not find Stirnella to meet my expectations.  I found that within the one page menu, I could not find a meal that interested me.  

       However, if you are looking for a quick bite and possibly a drink, this is the place to go.  With beautiful bar seating and a wide appetizer menu, Stirnella stands as the perfect spot for a quick bite with friends. The stylish bistro is located along Farnam Street next to the Black Market and is typically open until 9 p.m. Due to COVID-19, Stirnella is closed, but still selling gift cards. Visit or call 402-932-0444 for more information.


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