Sorting skort quiz: which Harry Potter house do you belong in?

Quiz by DiannaSledge

Answer some Marian-themed questions and we’ll tell you what Harry Potter house you’re in.

What time are you getting to school?

a. 6:30

b. 7:00

c. 7:15

d. 7:44

What’s first on your agenda?

a. Music

b. Art

c. Study Hall

d. P.E.

What’s your favorite subject?

a. English

b. Math

c. History

d. Science

What’re you having for lunch?

a. Chicken Tenders

b. Packed Lunch

c. Crispito

d. Pizza

What’s for dessert?

a. Cookies

b. Snack from the vending machine

c. Ice Cream

d. Scotcharoos

Where do you spend your free time?

a. Student Services

b. Quad

c. Class hall

d. Haddix Academic Center

What’re you doing after school?

a. Studying

b. Talking with friends

c. Preparing for debate 

d. Going to sports practice

If you had mostly . . . 

A – You’re in Ravenclaw

B – You’re in Hufflepuff

C – You’re in Slytherin

D – You’re in Gryffindor

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