COLOR BLOCK 2020 & Field Day 2020 Plans

Not Marian’s ‘usual’ Color Block

By J1 Reporter Sophie Stevens 

Color Block is one of the most anticipated events at Marian. Color Block gets students ready for the most stressful, exciting, and exhilarating time of the year: Field Day. It has a hype around the outside of it that students can’t exactly feel until the day arrives, and students have to choose their theme and colors. Field Day is an extremely competitive time of the year, and it is the building block to the madness. 

Color Block is the time where each class picks their colors and themes for Field Day. Each year, the individual classes join together in the cafeteria, gyms or quad to discuss the color and themes they will be choosing. Every class gets an envelope with their order of choice according to B.O.S.S. points and discipline points. B.O.S.S. (Building Our School Spirit) points are received when students from each grade go to a Marian event or activity, and discipline points are received when students break the rules, like drinking out of a waterbottle that is not clear or using their iPad inappropriately. The amount of money students brought in during Walk-A-Thon also helps each class determine the color selection order. Color Block brings lots of suspense and excitement to the atmosphere at Marian, and is a highly anticipated event. Because of COVID-19, this year’s had to be a little bit different.

In an early quarantine interview with Ms. Jess Abel, one of the Student Board moderators, she discussed the process of how Student Board was going to deal with the social distancing and e-learning problem. She said, ”We had thought about doing an online zoom for Color Block, but as of now we are focusing on academics.” Changing from a regular school day to online school was a very big transition, not only for students, but for teachers, too. Abel continued, “Mrs. Sullivan and the teachers are focusing all on academics, and hopefully as we get more used to online school we can see what the plan is for Color Block.” 

Color Block was originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, but on April 5, students heard that the event got rescheduled to April 8.  After school was called off and students were told they would be starting online school, Color Block was one of the first things they asked teachers and administrators about. Color Block being rescheduled gave students new hope that Field Day could be a possibility, even in a modified form.  

On April 5, Student Board told the student body in an email that one class officer and the class moderators would go into an online zoom. On April 8, the day of Color Block, one class officer from each grade joined in the online zoom. That afternoon, each class found out the places they had received from their B.O.S.S. and discipline points. The Seniors had first choice, second was the Sophomores, third was Juniors and the Freshmen chose last.   

The themes and colors chosen on Color Block were “Seniors Stuck in Time” with the colors orange and turquoise. Sophomores chose the theme “2022 Sophomore Avenue” with royal blue and yellow. Juniors chose “Junior Jackpot: 3rd Time’s a Charm” with emerald green and red. Freshmen chose “Freshmen Fresh Out of the Oven” with lilac and pink.

In an interview with Sophia Shaffer, a freshman at Marian, and the class officer who joined the online zoom, she said “When I first learned I would be going into Color Block, I was terrified. I thought I was going to mess it up for the entire grade, and I had no idea what the color options were.” Color Block is a very suspenseful time and going into a room for your whole class can be very intimidating. She continued, “I was surprised how relaxed everyone seemed to be, including StuBo members and even the other class officers. Almost everyone seemed super excited to be able to have a theme and colors.”

Having Color Block gives lots of students a chance to still be a part of the Field Day festivities even at home. Color Block is a very big tradition at Marian and the continuation of it during a world pandemic provided students stress relief and a break from the sadness that is happening in the world. Continuing Marian’s most looked forward to traditions brings lots of happiness and joy to the Marian community.

field day20

BOSS POINTS: Seniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, Juniors

DISCIPLINE POINTS: Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen

COLOR PICK: Seniors, Sophomores, Juniors, Freshmen


Reprinted from Student Board’s email announcement at 5:15 p.m. on April 8


Color Block was held April 8 at 2 p.m. and below are the themes and colors that each class chose. We will have a Spirit Field Week from April 27-May 1. During this week you are encouraged to participate in several fun activities (while social distancing!!). Attached is a list of those scheduled fun days. If your class chooses to make any type of video as a recap of the week to share with the Marian community, please keep all videos under 10 minutes.

We will share a Google form before April 27 for you to submit photos and videos to share with the Marian community.

Field Week 2020 will look different than the traditional Field Weeks of the past, but it truly will be a Field Week that will never be forgotten!!! Thank you to all of the Class Moderators and Class Officers for all of the great ideas & creativity to make Spirit Field Week possible!!!

StuBo ❤

FIELD DAY 2020 Themes & Colors:

Seniors Stuck in Time • Turquoise & Orange

Junior Jackpot: 3rd Time’s a Charm • Red & Emerald

2022 Sophomore Avenue • Yellow & Royal Blue

Freshmen Fresh Out of the Oven • Light Pink & Lilac

Field Week – April 27 – May 1

Student Board encourages all classes to wear your class colors to Zoom classes Monday -Thursday — get creative!!!

Monday:  Sidewalk Chalk Art

Decorate your Sidewalk or Driveway with your class theme and colors

Tuesday: TikTok Tuesday

Create a TikTok incorporating your class theme! Ask Mrs Sullivan to make a cameo, she’s perfecting her TikTok skills!!!

Wednesday: Door Decorating

Decorate your front door (or just your bedroom door!) with your class theme and colors

Thursday: Great Marian Bake Off

Bake a cake or cookies and decorate with your class theme and colors!

Friday:  UNITY Day

Wear black to all Zoom classes to show unity for all grade levels. But make your virtual background expressive of your class theme & colors.


Student Board will send out a google form to submit all of your spirited creations to share with the Marian community.

If you post on your own social media outlet use the Marian Field Day hashtag:


Questions? Contact your Student Board Officers!

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