Looking Back, Field Day Experiences Since 2017

By J1 Reporter Anna Kidder

Field Day can be a touchy subject for some. Whether or not a class comes out on top, they have created fun memories, learned something new, and can work to improve their game for next year. The past three years have taught each class a lot and created many memories for them to look back on.



Having the most experience, the senior class knows what to expect. Three years ago, Freshmen Fresh Off the Press received fourth place.

If there is one thing senior Maggie Timmerman has learned from her Field Day experiences, it’s that “it’s important to listen to your classmates even if you don’t like an idea because most times things will come together.” 

With Sophomores Set Sail, the Class of 2020 received fourth place for the second year in a row. “We probably will avoid water themes from now on,” Timmerman said. While it may not have been the outcome the juniors were looking for, “In the end I think it made us better,” she said.

“There is never a limit to how much of your colors you can wear,” senior Clara Neary said. With three Field Days behind them, the Class of 2020 knows how to have a memorable Field Week.

Last year, the Junior Genies came in second. The entire class was very excited with the success they had with this theme. 

“We used to believe in the curse of the evens but we’re breaking that,” Timmerman said.



The Class of 2021has had some unique Field Day experiences from winning against an older classto losing to a younger class the following year. Two years ago, the Freshmen on the Farm got third place. This was a very exciting moment for the Class of 2021.

“I have never felt so shocked or excited in my life!” Katie Corpuz said. She explained this moment as an “out-of-body experience.”

Junior Class Officer Emma Gunn’s favorite Field Day memory was her first Field Night. 

“I got to hear my class singing along perfectly to the demo that my committee and I worked on for so long,” Gunn said. “It gave me hope that our first Field Day would be a good one. I was right!” 

Corpuz kept her Field Day advice as simple as this, “Do not forget to memorize your demo, it is very important! Keep your costume organized and be to Baxter on time!” 

“Sophomore slump is a real and terrible terrible thing,” Gunn said. Last year, Sweet Dreams Sophomores came in fourth place.

As part of Corpuz’s class officer duties, she reminds the junior class, “Keep an open and positive mind through the whole Field Day season and you will be good to go!”



With their first year behind them, the sophomore class has so much to look forward to. Last year, Freshmen at the Fair had an unforgettable field day with a third place finish. 

Sophomore Annie Ellerbeck’s favorite Field Day memory is not only achieving that, but all the work her class did to prepare. 

“My class was in the gym practicing our demo and our big sisters came in during it and started crying and were just really proud of our grade,” Ellerbeck said.

If there is one thing the sophomores have learned it’s that it’s amazing what your class can accomplish when they come together. Since it was their first Field Day, the freshmen really appreciated their big sister’s support. 

“Getting to experience our first Field Night with our big sisters made it so much more memorable,” Emma Bast said. Bast’s freshman year Field Night experience has been her favorite Field Day memory.

After a successful first Field Day, the sophomores are excited to see what they can do next time.


FIELD DAY graphics by Grace Ellis.

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