Fanfiction entertains entire generation, fuels creativity for many

Nora Fitzsimmons

You’re in fifth grade and a new chapter of your favorite Harry Styles fanfiction is posted on Wattpad, your favorite fanfiction app. You’re enthralled by each wordy outfit description, such as a light pink Hollister t-shirt tucked into ripped, light wash American Eagle jeans. You imagine yourself going on tour with One Direction, just as the author describes. Before you know it chapter 108 is already over and you have to wait until next week to picture yourself with Harry again.

Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 1.42.05 PM
Fanfiction: A Network Story   Published fanfictions often have a homemade cover to go along with their story, usually featuring the main characters. Network staffers Olivia Sullivan and Holly McCutcheon pose for our faux-cover.

Believe it or not, many Marian girls have undergone this experience. Fanfictions are stories written by fans of already existing narratives or characters. Fanfictions are written for just about any band member, movie character or celebrity, from K-pop groups to Harry Potter. According to Wattpad, 60, 000 fanfictions are shared daily on the site alone. Some fanfictions have even been transformed into published books and movie adaptations, such as “After” which was inspired by a Harry Styles fanfiction.

Sophomore Avery Kinnison, an avid and former fanfiction author and reader, especially enjoys stories based on her favorite anime characters.

“I like seeing different characters and hearing more about them even if it’s not always real,” Kinnison said.

Kinnison utilizes fanfiction for more than entertainment. “I get a lot of writing ideas from different fanfictions,” Kinnison said. Fanfiction offers a way to fuel her creativity and she has even written a Percy Jackson fanfiction herself. As a member of the Fandom Club, Kinnison also enjoys discussing fanfiction with her friends.

Sometimes, there can be a stigma surrounding fanfiction. “When I was in grade school, people saw me differently because of that,” Kinnison said.

Young girls are looked down upon for wanting to express their creativity through writing about their favorite characters or reading more about them. “You’re not weird, it’s just something you do in your free time,” Kinnison said.

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