Schmidt makes virtual statistics class feel real


Math teacher Mrs. Lisa Schmidt adapted quickly to teaching her AP Statistics class remotely. With daily agendas on Canvas that outline each of her class’s objectives, learning activities, assignments and a quote of the day, Schmidt’s organization makes for stress-free stats classes. She has incorporated technology with Edpuzzle videos, Khan Academy assignments and even playing Kahoot during a Zoom video conference.

“Her classes are very engaging and never feel too long or boring,” junior Gracie Kerr said. “She is always willing to help us with any concepts we’re struggling with, even while being away from us physically.” Kerr isn’t the only one who thinks that Schmidt has excelled at online teaching and understanding her student’s circumstances.

Different Classrooms, Same Class • Mrs. Schmidt’s Block F statistics class meets virtually on Zoom. Her students have appreciated how well she has adapted to the new setup. Photo courtesy of Lily Weindel.

“Mrs. Schmidt has been really good about getting feedback from all of us about what is working and what isn’t. She understands that a lot of things have to come before school and is making adjustments accordingly,” junior Eva Watson said. 

Letting her students know that their learning is her priority, Schmidt has continuously asked for feedback on how she can improve her virtual teaching and sent her students a survey to let them voice their concerns and new ideas. With the first virtual statistics quiz running smoothly, it’s safe to say that Schmidt excels at teaching her students beyond the walls of her classroom.

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