Spring Break Memory: Eoriatti heads to Fort Myers for MLB Spring Training

By J1 Reporter Cece West

Over spring break, Marian’s Cafeteria Director Mr. Tim Eoriatti went to the Major League Baseball (MLB) Spring Training with his wife and best friends. He traveled to Fort Myers, Florida to watch his favorite American League team, the Minnesota Twins, practice for one week. Eoriatti  was able to go and return prior to the government’s recommendation of social distancing for COVID-19. 

“Listening to coaches tell stories of when they played baseball back in the day,” was Eoriatti’s favorite aspect of his first spring training experience. The Minnesota Twins’ coach is Rocco Dan Baldelli, who used to be an outfielder for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. However, after two years, his playing career ended due to a rare muscle disorder he contracted. Rocco then put his baseball knowledge toward managing the Minnesota Twins. 

Eoriatti’s most memorable moment was when Bob McClure, a coach for the Minnesota Twins, told stories about when he played baseball back in the 80’s. McClure spent most of his time playing for the Milwaukee Brewers, where he roomed with Hall of Famer Robin Yount. 

Although the Twins is Eoriatti’s favorite team, his favorite player is Javier Baez, who plays for the Chicago Cubs. Baez was drafted in 2011 in the first round as a shortstop. He is nicknamed “El Mago,” which is Spanish for “The Magician.”

Going to MLB Spring Training was a vacation that Eoriatti will never forget. He wants to go back just so he can talk to all of the players and coaches again. Although he is glad that he was able to go to Spring Training, he is sad that the MLB season has been postponed, along with many other baseball fans who were looking forward to it. 

Although baseball seasons have been cancelled, families can still play a friendly match of baseball in their yard. Photo by Cece West. School photo by Pyles Photography.


One thought on “Spring Break Memory: Eoriatti heads to Fort Myers for MLB Spring Training

  1. What a great story! I love learning something new about my colleagues and friends from the Network. Tim is such a good guy; I miss seeing him everyday!


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