Embracing the change, finding the positive

By J1 Reporter Maddie Mitchell

With the entire media flooded with news related to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be extremely hard to keep up high spirits. There is always a possibility of quarantine measures being extended, so it can be a challenge to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Marian is a special place where most girls look forward to coming to school. An ordinary day at Marian is sure to bring laughter, challenges and a good time. 

Marian girls are bright, empowered girls who aren’t going to let stay-at home orders bring them down. A bunch of the student body has found creative things to do and ways to stay positive. 

“Not being able to see my friends and learn in a classroom have been the hardest parts of quarantine for me,” junior Cleo Wear said. “But, I have started making a lot of friendship bracelets and I look forward to running and going outside. The other day I went on a run and five houses in a row had positive messages in sidewalk chalk.”


Marian girls alike have been missing the hallways, but the Class of 2020 is in a different situation than the rest. Most girls are looking forward to especially cherishing the following school year, prom, Field Day and all other Marian traditions. 

“The hardest part about losing the end of our senior year has been not getting the closure most people get before they transition to college,” senior Kaelynn Eisele said. “I’ve been trying to get outside as much as possible and doing Netflix parties with friends, and I really look forward to spending time with my friends once it’s safe before we go our separate ways.”

Quarantine is frustrating, and with the weather getting warmer, it can be very tempting to not go see friends and family. 

“I know it’s hard, but stay inside! For all the doctors, like my dad, other essential workers and the old people who could die, don’t be selfish,” Wear said.

“My advice to everyone who is quarantined is to not lose hope. I know everyone keeps saying this, but I think if we really stay hopeful everyday this experience will be a lot more positive,” sophomore Anne Masek said. Masek knows it’s not easy though, “I spend all my time in my room for school, and once 3 hits, I’m ready for a break from the same four walls. I really do look forward to getting out of my room at the end of a school day.”

Mrs. Joanne Fisher, Marian counselor, knows this is not easy too. She herself has a creative way of uplifting Marian staff. Every day Fisher sends the entire Marian staff an email that includes reasons to be positive.

14000things“Most of them come from this book called, 14,000 things to be happy about, and I just usually pick like 5 things” Fisher said. “This morning my message included the idea of putting on sandals and the smell of ocean water; things that sort of distract us and make us think about good things.”

Fisher also disclosed her love for the Book of Awesome which is inspired by the famous “Kid President.”

“Snow days, bakery air, finding money in your pockets. Just little simple things that give people something other than the news to think about” Fisher said. “I just think it is good for our minds to think about good things and there is still so much good going on.”

At first Fisher’s daily inspo was sent to the student service members just in student services when principal Mrs. Susie Sullivan asked her to include the whole staff. 

Fisher’s final words of advice for Marian’s students and staff alike is to “embrace change and be positive that things are going to be better.”

The community has made efforts to support one another, too. In many neighborhoods you can be sure to find positive messages chalked onto driveways, and signs supporting others. Social Media and news can also be uplifting. Just remember, there is still so much good.

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