Marian goes online, continues challenging curriculum

By J1 Reporter Lexxington Olsen

The past month has been one that no one will forget. Due to the widespread virus known as COVID-19, all schools in the U.S. have shut down and switched to some form online learning. This process was not the easiest for everyone especially because online school is not an efficient way of learning for a lot of students. 

Not only were students affected by the switch to online classes, but teachers also had to adapt to this new method. A lot of students would say that their teachers are not exactly tech savvy, so this change could have been a struggle for them. 

“I am using a lot of apps that I knew about before, but had never actually worked with, and it is challenging to figure out how to make it all work together,” chemistry teacher Mrs. Stacy Tunink said.

Not being able to interact with your students and show them how to solve a problem in person can be very challenging. Some students are considered a visual learner, so not being able to be in the classroom can affect how much they are actually learning. 

Marian has been using Canvas Conference features and the Zoom app for all of their classes. It is a completely different atmosphere than being in a classroom. 

“I find it a little bit harder online because the participation part seems to be lower,” history teacher Mr. Chris Dziadus said. “I think early on some students don’t feel as comfortable participating over Zoom.” The sudden setting change might take some time for students to get used to, so these Zoom classes could be a little awkward for some students.

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 1.58.45 PM
Graphic by Naomi Delkamiller

Some classes can be a little more difficult to teach than others. “It takes away from the other students (on Zoom)  when students have particular questions about their own artwork,” art teacher Mrs. Joan Sanders said. “I have been very busy keeping supplies available in the lobby for the girls to pick up. I spent countless hours bagging supplies and getting their individual needs for the three different classes I teach.” As an art teacher, it is difficult to show your students the methods and techniques you are teaching through a screen. 

Everyone in the community has had to adjust to this style of living, and it may be more of a challenge for others. Virtual communication has taken over and who knows how this method of meeting and learning will affect the future.

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